How to fix "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" error in iOS

After iOS 9, there is no option to trust an enterprise build. Users getting error “Untrusted Enterprise Developer. iPhone Distribution : Check this corporation has not been trusted on this iPhone. Until this developer has beed trusted, their enterprise apps will not available for use”.
Reported apps : AppNana Sync
Untrusted Enterprise Developer
Solution 1: Press the Trust button o your profile

  1. Navigate to Settings -> General – >Profiles
  2. Tap on your Profile
  3. Tap on Trust button

iPhone tap trust button
Solution 2: If you are using iOS 9 beta 3,4

  1. Launch Xcode 7.
  2. Navigate to Window -> devices.
  3. Choose your device.
  4. Delete all of the profiles loaded on the device.
  5. Delete all old app on device.
  6. Remove and rebuild the app to device.

The above solutions will solve iPhone and iPad app issues.
If you knew any other solutions to fix “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” error, inform us via comment.

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