Unique and Cool iPhone 5/5s cases

We have many variety of cases for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s case available. Here in this article, we are going to discuss about some Unique and cool cases for iPhone 5. We have iPhone cases categorized into different types namely, minimalistic, cheap stylish, Wallet, invisible, hybrid, Multi purpose, standard, tough, creative, bendable. Here are we with some best cases of all types of iPhone 5 cases

Best minimalist iPhone 5 cases

1.Elago’s S5 glide case ($11.99)

simple iPhone 5 case

Elago’s glide case for iPhone 5/iPhone 5s soft feeling case that comes with antique blue colour in eco friendly retail package. The case is constructed with durable hard-shell and is compatible with white and black iPhone 5/5s.

2. Spigen SPG slim case for iPhone 5

blue black iPhone case

Spigen SPG is a slim armor case metal slate(SGP10088) comes with one pack retail package. Two toned colors with a metallic finish that is formfit with iPhone 5 and slim. TPU case layered with a polycarbonate midsection for extra durability. The case gives full protection for iPhone 5/5s and is compatible with Apple EarPods, and earbuds with L-shaped plug (within 6.17mm diameter) including Beats by Derider along with iPhone 5.

3. Real Earth’s ringke super slim hard case ($9 – $25)

ringke green case

Realearth’s ringe super slim hard case are best suitable for iPhone 5/5s and its durability is high. The product mostly comes with one color tone. The case comes with one free screen protector and has a slim design with soft feeling exterior providing high protection against bumps and scratches. It is dual coated thus protective double times compared to other product. Installation of the case is fast and allows us to use all ports and functions. regarding fitness, it is firm fit without bulk and smooth finish coating for easy removal from pocket. The enhanced coating allows us to remove dust and oil easily and simple to snap on and off.

4. Targus slimfit case for iPhone 5 ($6 – $20)

minimalist iPhone 5 case

Targus slim fit is a best case for iPhone 5 with clean soft polycarbonate back. Thin sleek case with grips around edges for comfortable and secure hold. The case gives good drop protection and looks like a slick metal case that is thin. The quality of the plastic used in this case is remarkably fine. The case has complete protection against the drop and scratches.

Budget cheap iPhone case

5. Dream wireless slim case for iPhone 5 ($12)

cheap iPhone 5 case

Dream wireless slim case for iPhone 5 is a durable, stylish and keeps iPhone 5 secure and protected. The case has all features with accurate cutouts to full access to all functions of iPhone 5 unrestrictedly. It also comes with the secure clips to hold the iPhone tight by attaching to its surface. The case is made from ABS hard plastic construction and a two piece design of it keeps our iPhone 5 safe from scratches and damages that maintains the new look and feel of the iPhone. The cover gives a good look along with protection. Thus the case is considered best and for its benefits.

Best stylish and protective iPhone 5 case

6. Onfire Unique various new stylish iPhone 5/5s case ($7)

Onfire Unique various new stylish iPhone 5 case

Onfire unique various new stylish personalized protective snap on TPU case for iPhone 5/5s. The good look attracts everyone with its picture like design. The TPU material used in this case is comfortable for the users. The case best fit the device. For the money we spend the product is considered to be the worth durable and it is an imported product.

7. i-kitpit genuine leather wallet flip pouch case iPhone 5/5s

i-kitpit genuine leather iPhone wallet flip pouch

i-kitpit wallet case for iPhone 5/5s are made of genuine leather and also the fine grip protects phone from falling down. The case protects the screen from being scratched and also has card holder that holds the 3-4 cards. we also have a separate pocket to keep money. The case comes in two colors black and brown.

Best transparent case for iPhone 5

8. Luvvitt clearview transparent iPhone 5/5s case ($10)

Luvvitt clearview transparent iPhone 5 case

Luvvitt clearview is a transparent Ultra thin hybrid case for iPhone 5/5s. The case is made of a combination of hard clear PC back and soft clear TPU edges on all 4 sides for extra protection. The product comes with company’s registered logo LUVVITT® and the transparency is crystal clear. The case also has scratch resistant coating and scuff marks that provides long life and good look for case and iPhone 5/5s.

Hybrid iPhone 5/5s Bumper case

9. Frieq universal waterproof case for iPhone 5/5s ($9 – $20)

Frieq waterproof case for iPhone 5

Frieq universal waterproof case for iPhone 5/5s is well known for its universal size fits all large smartphones up to 5.3”, digital cameras or mp3 players. On the both sides, crystal clear window to take pictures or videos. Although it provides waterproof protection it also helps in maintaining full touch screen functionality. The product has IPX8 certified to 100 feet and a simple snap and lock access provides all protection that is needed.

Best stylish dragon iPhone 5 case

10. Yin yang dragons red black iPhone case ($49.95)

yin yang dragons red iPhone 5 case

Yin Yang dragons red black iPhone case has a customizable case-mate tough case. It has a hard shell plastic exterior and shock absorbing linear to protect device from drops and bumps. It is compatible with iPhone 5/5s.we can access all ports, controls & sensors. This case features stunning two stylized tribal dragons and intricate lines and swirls decorate both sides giving a beautiful pattern.


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