Mac: Unable to modify the volume with Keyboard, fix

Several Mac users reported that they are unable to change or adjust volume.
Try below the given solutions to fix sound problems.
Solution 1: Open a Terminal window
Open up a Terminal window and enter
sudo killall coreaudiod
Solution 2: Plug a pair of headphones
The best way to control the volume is to plug in a pair of headphones and then unplug them.
Solution 3: Adjust the volume
Open a terminal window and type the following to adjust it your volume
sudo osascript -e “set Volume 5”
Change to “5” to a higher or lower number to make the volume go up and down.
Solution 4: Quick fix
If the volume key doesn’t respond simply put the computer into sleep mode and then re-start it. After the few seconds, the volume key starts working.
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Solution 5: Connect your audio device
Connect your audio device back into Macbook air. This will work.
Solution 6: Check your sound settings
Go to System Preferences -> Sound -> Output and check your sound settings. Check your settings are correct.
check your sound settings
Solution 7: Restart Mac
Go to Apple Menu -> Restart.
Hope, this post will help you to modify the volume with the keyboard.

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