Unable to Delete Apps on iPhone? Here's the Fix

Seeing too many waste apps in our iPhone is the irritating issue right. So we all move to delete apps option. But one of the iPhone users had reported that he had the problem like unable to delete apps on iPhone. I too had the same problem after that I find an easy way to solve this issue. This step will change for iOS 12 and earlier. Now I’m gonna share those steps.
Note: You can’t delete system apps (those come with mobile, those you are not installed). But you can move them. So before deleting an app check whether it is a system app or installed app.
On iOS 12
Step 1: Launch Settings.
Step 2: Scroll down to see Screen Time and then tap it.
Step 3: Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions and then enter your screen time passcode.
Step 4: Now tap iTunes & App Store purchases.
Step 5: Tap Delete Apps and then select Don’t Require.
Step 6: Then choose the Allow option.
On iOS 11
Step 1: Launch Setting.
Step 2: Scroll down to see General and then tap it.
Step 3: Tap Restrictions and then Enter your Restrictions Passcode.
Step 4: Turn on the Deleting Apps.
If still having this problem then Reset your device
Other Solution: Reset Network Settings

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Scroll down to see General and then tap it.
  3. Scroll down and click “ Reset”.
  4. Select Reset Network Settings.
  5. Enter your Password.
  6. Tap “Reset Network Settings” in the pop-up box to confirm.

Note: This action will delete all WiFi password APN & VPN settings of your iPhone.
Hope the above steps will be useful for you. If you have any doubt regarding this article, please share us via comments. Thank You.

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