What is UL-certified USB wall charger for fitbit?

Recently, I purchased the Fitbit charger. After two days, the battery is not charging well. Customer support team told that instead of using USB, use a wall charger. Some iPhone users had no idea where to buy a wall charger. Buy through Amazon or eBay. To overcome these issues, use UL-certified USB wall charger.
UL-certified USB wall charger
fitbit wall charger
UL means Underwriters Laboratories. That means a plug in USB jack. Check the plug whether it has UL logo on it.
Before using the fibit charger check whether it is UL-certified USB wall charger or not.
If you want to charge your Surge correctly, connect your charging cable into a USB port Computer or use a UL-certified USB wall charger.
Note: Avoid using USB hub or battery pack to charge. Don’t charge your tracker in heat or cold temperature. So only the battery will work for ever.
Suggestion: Only use the charging cable given by Fitbit.
If you charge your tracker extra time, it may affect the battery. Or the battery gets drain quickly.
Suggestion: There is also a  facility for you to buy the charger through the online store.
Contact customer support and check your tracker is under warranty. Suppose your device is under warranty, replace your charger freely.
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How to charge your tracker
Go through the steps to charge your tracker

  1. Use UL-certified USB wall charger or connect the charging cable to the USB port.
  2. Attach the other end of the charging cable on the back of the tracker. You can see easily whether the connection is secure or not. Also, view a battery icon on tracker’s display. Within three seconds, the battery icon gets vanished. Click on the battery icon to check the battery level during the charging.

Note: If a tracker gets charged fully, it shows a solid battery icon.

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