Turn On/OFF VoiceOver on iPhone and iPad

VoiceOver function provide loud voice without any app. You can use Voiceover in most of the iOS apps like Safari, Text messaging and email and read text text from kindle apps, iBook and Nook. By default this option is disabled in your iPhone and iPad. You can enable or turn on this option manually in your iOS device.
How to turn off/disable Voice over on iPhone and iPad
Method 1 : Click the Home button 3 times
Tap your iOS device Home button three times.  This is very easy shortcut to disable VoiceOver function on your iOS device.
If you hear “VoiceOver off” audio message then it will be turned off. If you not hear this sound, then
Method 2: Turn off via settings
Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> VoiceOver and turn off the VoiceOver (double tap).
How to turn on Voice Over on iOS Device
VoiceOver iOS

  1. Launch Settings App.
  2. Choose General.
  3. Tap Accessibility and select VoiceOver.
  4. Double tap the VoiceOver slider to turn it on.
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