How to Turn ON Night Mode on Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra was unveiled at Apple's “Far Out” event in October. It has a new feature in the Apple Watch that you have never used before. This was designed for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as skating, skydiving, hiking, and more. Its bigger display gives workout details on the watch's face. Apple’s Wayfinder faces include a night mode for using the Apple Watch Ultra in low-light situations. As an Apple Watch user, I adore this feature. However, some Apple Watch Ultra owners are unsure how to activate night mode. Are you one of them? Then we'll look at how to activate Night Mode on the Apple Watch Ultra. 

Steps to Enable Night Mode on Apple Watch Ultra:

  • Set the Wayfinder as your Apple Watch Face.
  • Then scroll down the digital crown until your blue color turns into a red one.
  • Now your Apple Watch Ultra is activated in Night Mode.
  • Its night mode will help you protect your eyes from staining.

Note: This feature is only available on the Apple Watch Ultra Wayfinder face.

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That’s it. I hope now you can enable Night mode on your Apple Watch Ultra. Did you find this useful? Then share it with your friends who have an Apple Watch Ultra. For more posts like this, let me know through the comments. And please keep supporting Bye..bye.

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