How to turn on Low & High Power Mode on macOS Monterey

How to turn on Low & High Power Mode on macOS Monterey

With each macOS update, Apple further bridges the gap between iOS and macOS. Already, macOS borrowed optimized battery charging from iOS.

Now, the MacBook Pro has multiple energy modes that it can switch between. By default, our Mac is set to automatic mode to balance energy use and performance.

With macOS (Monterey), it’s getting low power mode and high power mode as well, which is to preserve the battery life. A low-power mode is available on the MacBook and MacBook Pro starting (in early 2016 and later) with macOS Monterey. The high power mode is a new feature on the Apple MacBook Pro 16″ M1 Mac.

The MacBook is running out of juice, and if you want to perform less intensive tasks such as web browsing or video streaming, you can enable Low Power Mode to increase battery life. Hopefully, our article will help you use it. Let’s see briefly.

To Use Low Power Mode on Mac (Monterey)

Low Power Mode has been a useful feature that will automatically reduce the number of internal system processes that eat up power. The result is the longer battery life for the Mac. Here, let’s see how to turn on the low power mode.

  • On your Mac, launch System Preferences.
  • And select the Battery option.
  • Now you can see the Battery pane screen, in that, choose Battery in the left sidebar.
  • Next, check the box “Low power mode” to enable it. (Then if you want to disable the low power mode, now check the box again to disable “Low Power Mode”.)

To use the low Power Mode on Mac

To Use High Power Mode on Mac(Monterey)

High Power Mode, on the other hand, focuses on performance at the expense of battery life. High Power Mode in Monterey could be a more developed version of Pro Mode in Catalina. Here let’s see how to turn on high power mode on Mac.

  • On your Mac, go to the Apple menu and click System Preferences.
  • On the system preferences panel, choose Battery.
  • In the left side panel, Click Battery or Power Adapter in the sidebar.
  • Next, select High Power Mode from the Energy Mode pop-up menu.

To use High Power Mode on Mac

High Power Mode to improve performance in graphics-intensive workflows. In video editing and 3D applications, you may experience smoother playback and faster exports when High Power Mode is on.

Final verdict

Hope you guys got a clear solution. We can set different energy modes for our  Mac on battery or connected to the power adapter depending on our preferences. Hearty Thanks, Keep doing continued support for our “

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