How to Turn Off Netflix/Apple TV Audio Description

“How to turn Off Netflix / Apple TV audio description”- here given simple steps to turn off the audio description.
The reason for this issue:

  • It is because of error in the Netflix.
  • It may be due to network connectivity.

Solution 1: Change the settings

  1. Go to Settings -> General ->Accessibility -> Audio Descriptions -> Turn Off.
  2. Play a movie or any TV show.
  3. Click the Dialog button and select Done ( make sure that the movie does not contain any audio description).
  4. It takes five minutes for saving the settings.

Netflix Options
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Solution 2: Another way to turn off audio narration

  1. Select the up arrow on your remote while the movie is playing and press select.
  2. It will go to the subtitle menu.
  3. Hit on the arrows on the right to the audio option.
  4. Select English selection.
  5. Press the Enter key to turn Off the audio description.

Note No issues while connecting Netflix with Laptop.

  • Hold on the OK button on Apple TV / Netflix.
  • The screen shows subtitle, audio option etc.,
  • Turn off the subtitle.

Hope, this post will help to Turn off Apple TV Audio description.

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