How to Disable iMessage on macOS High Sierra?

Some users of High Sierra don’t want to use iMessage App. It might be frustrating when you often receive iMessage notifications while working right…? If yes, then am here to help you. Follow the steps given to disable iMessage on your High Sierra so that you can stop such constant iMessage notifications very easily
Step 1: Turn Off iMessage
turn off imessage mac

  1. Launch Messages app on your macOS High Sierra.
  2. Then tap on Preferences.
  3. Next, select Accounts tab.
  4. Now select your iMessage Account (on the sidebar)
  5. Uncheck Enable this account
  6. Finally, click Sign Out.

Step 2: Turn Off Notifications
turn off notifications mac

  1. On your mac click the Apple Logo (on the upper left-hand corner of the Menu Bar)
  2. Tap on System Preferences
  3. Then tap on Notifications icon in the System Preferences window.
  4. Next select Messages (in the left-hand pane)
  5. Finally, click None for the Messages alert style and uncheck all of the boxes underneath (especially Badge App Icon).

Note: You will not receive notifications from Messages App but if you want to send or receive messages on or from your macOS High Sierra you can do it.
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Step 3: Turn On Do Not Disturb
turn on do not disturb

  1. Firstly open Notification Center.
  2. Then go to the Today tab.
  3. Scroll Up to view the Do Not Disturb Feature.
  4. Turn On Do Not Disturb.

Note: If this feature is turned on, all your calls, alerts and notifications will be silenced.
Hope this article will be helpful to you. If you find this article as useful then kindly share your experience with me through your comments below. Thank You…

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