Turn Firewall Stealth Mode off in OS X when using EyeTV iPad

Some of the OS X firewall settings cause EyeTV for iPad to not connecting to Mac running EyeTV.
Especially when you using firewall stealth mode (Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Security -> Firewall -> Advanced section > Stealth mode), then EyeTV for iPad won’t connect properly.
You may see black screen on your Mac, instead of seeing Live TV, schedules, recordings and program guide.
The fix is to turn off stealth mode
Guide for OS X Yosemite, Mavericks and Snow leopard 

  1. Navigate to Apple menu -> System Preferences.
  2. Select Security section.
  3. Select Firewall option.
  4. Tun on the Firewall (If its not already on)
  5. Click the advanced button.
  6. Turn off Enable Stealth mode.

Guide for Leopard

  1. Go to Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Security -> Firewall.
  2. Choose Set access for specific services and applications.
  3. Click Advanced button and turn off Enable Stealth mode.

Note : EyeTV for iPhone not affected firewall stealth mode settings. It will work when stealth mode turned on.

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