5 Best Trippy Photo Editor Apps for iPhone 2020

Trippy Camera apps are the photo editing apps which makes your photo super fun and psychedelic by using a variety of camera effects and trippy filters. Trippy Camera Apps are basically designed for the persons who wanna exhibit a dubious persona who loves the color and trippy filters as well. Here, I gonna share you the best trippy apps for your iPhone so that you can make use of it to create and edit outstanding images. Come on let’s check out these cool apps…!


Trippy Photo Editor App is an app which makes your photos a realistic digital art. This app has a variety of camera effects which gives your photo an outstanding effect. It is the only editing app which creates and provides you a realistic digital art ever. If you are the person who loves the most insane and unusual filters then this app would be a perfect choice for you. Using this app will take your camera effects to the next level.


glitch app
Glitch Photo Editing app is an app which allows you to quickly generate random and real glitch in your photo. As this app comes with the multiplier effect and filters, you can upload photos from your gallery or camera and edit it with this app and can save and share it with everyone. Using this app you can become a digital artist and can create a real art glitch. It is considered to be the best app for creative people. This app facilitates Effect Control during the recording and editing process.

Space Effect

space effect
Space Effect editing app is the best app for making colorful space effect by using more number of beautiful space effects. As this app offers you an feed option you can share your photos anywhere at any time worldwide and can see daily photos which are uploaded by other people. Using this app you can see and like the photo which is posted by others users too. You can apply filters and effects wherever and whenever you want. With this app, you can create unique looking pictures within a short time.


space effect
Enlight is the Photo Editing App which comes with a powerful photo editing and excellent image creativity with a clear interface. This app combines a wide range collection of editing tools into a single app and it is simple, easy, user-friendly in nature. Enlight app has an extremely well-designed user interface which makes you feel delighted to use this app.If you wanna create stunning images then Enlight app is a superior choice for you.


prismaPrisma app is the best editing app which utilizes the artificial intelligence to transform your image into an artistic effect. It transforms your photos and videos into works of art using the styles of famous artists. As this app is a combination of neural works and artificial intelligence it helps you to turn your memorable moments into an excellent art. This app supports video filters too. Using this app, the users will get an opportunity to create their own styles and share them with Prisma users on a store.

You just try out these cool apps to create and edit phenomenal images and videos for sharing with friends. Hope this article will be helpful to you to choose the best trippy apps for your device right…? If yes, then mention me which app you gonna choose via comments below. Thank You…

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