5 Best Translation iPhone Apps 2018

Love traveling…? If yes, the next thing which strikes in your mind is about the language barrier. Sometimes, you may find it difficult to communicate with people of other countries as their language differs. So, what you will do…?If you are an iPhone user don’t worry,  I am here to help you out from language barrier by providing the best translation service apps for your device so that you can communicate easily without many difficulties.
Here, I am going to share you the best 5 translation Apps for iPhone.
Google Translate (Free)
google translate
The only translation app which is offered by Google is Google Translate. It offers attractive features as it is highly efficient in translating about 103 languages around the world. You can even translate the words you speak, sentences and the web pages into different languages. By using your iPhone camera, you can even translate 30 languages as well. You can also download different language packs on your device in offline mode which means it is not necessary to be connected always in Online.
iTranslate (Free)
One of the most popular translation apps that supports translating into more than 90 languages is iTranslate. This app offers a voice to voice conversation feature and it will be helpful when you travel to other countries. Using offline mode, you can use this app without any interruption. It also includes a dictionary and you can speak to the app and it will translate the words which you are spoken in real time. iTranslate is the best app for advanced character recognition and faster text input.
iTranslate Voice: Free
iTranslate voice
iTranslate Voice is the voice supplement of the original iTranslate app. This app supports both translation and dictionary services as well. What you have to do is… just speak to your smartphone and in return, the smartphone will respond to you through voice commands.  This app deals with 40 different languages. Once you have saved all the frequently used translations, you don’t have to translate the same word again. Using this app, you can also connect with someone who has installed iTranslate Voice app.
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Speak & Translate ($ 0.99)
speak and translate
Speak & Translate is an amazing app which supports 100 languages around the world. comes up with the advanced voice recognition so that it will understand your words whatever your dialect it is and translates everything. Using this app, you can even share the translations with your friends through social media. It is a unique app because you can switch translation from your iPhone to iPad or from iPad to iPhone.
Voice Translate Pro (Free)
Translate pro
Voice Translate Pro is one of the most widespread apps among other apps on the market. If you are looking for live speech translation in different areas then this app will be more suitable for you to choose. This app is user-friendly and it also provides excellent translation services. Using this app, you can translate your voice into any language easily as this app is fast and trustworthy in nature.
Hope these apps will be helpful to the new learners of a language right…? If yes, then feel free to share your experience with me through your comments below.

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