How to Transfer Text Messages From iPhone to iPhone Without iCloud

I want to transfer text messages from my iPhone to new iPhone. I don’t know how to do? One of my friends told me some method to transfer the messages from iPhone to iPhone. Now, I can easily transfer my messages to my new iPhone. Here I am going to tell you those methods.
Method 1: Transfer Text Messages without iCloud Using iTunes
Step 1: Firstly, connect your iPhone to your Mac or Computer.
Step 2: On your Computer, open “iTunes”.
Step 3: At the left corner, you can see your “Device” icon and click on it.
Step 4: Click on the “Summary” tab. Under Backup, click on the “Backup Now”. It will take a few seconds t make a Backup.
Step 5: Then you will go the “Preferences” -> click on the “Devices”. Search your last Backup.
Restore Backup From iTunes
Step 1: Turn on your another iPhone. You can get an option which you want to restore your data from iTunes or iCloud.
Step 2: Launch iTunes and connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable.
Step 3: Select your Device. Under Backup Section, click on the  “Restore Backup”. The data will be backup on your phone.
Method 2: Transfer Text Messages using iCloud
Step 1: Launch “Settings” and click your “Name” at the top of your old phone.
Step 2: Click on “iCloud”.
Step 3: Turn on “iCloud Drive”. Click on the “iCloud Backup”. Under iCloud Backup, click on the “iCloud Backup”. Then finally, click on the “Backup Now”.
Step 4: Turn on your other “iPhone”.
Step 5: Pop-up box ask you want to restore “iCloud Backup”. Then click on the “Backup”.
Step 6: Then enter your Apple ID and Password on your new iPhone for the process. Text messages will be transferred to your new iPhone.

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