Transfer PDF document from Computer to iPad

One of the iPad users likes to transfer PDF document from Computer to iPad. Try the following methods
Method 1: Transferring files using Dropbox
Move files into the dropbox folder, wait for a few minutes and then open the Dropbox on the iPad. Now you see your PDF’s.  Open the files and choose iBooks.
Method 2: Transferring PDF files using iTunes
transfer files using iTunes

  1. First, install iBooks on your PC.
  2. Connect your iPad to your Computer.
  3. Open iTunes.
  4. Select File -> Add to Library.
  5. From that, you can select one PDF file.
  6. Click on “Open”. Sync your iPad.
  7. Now, PDF files are added to your iBooks collection under PDF.

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Method 3: Use Apowersoft Phone Manager Software
We can easily transfer files from Computer to iPad.  Use Apowersoft Phone Manager Software can transfer all kinds of data from your mobile device to Computer. The Below given figure provides three ways to add PDF to iBooks.
add pdf to iBooks
Method 4: Send the PDF files using email
You can send a couple of PDF files through email from the Computer and then download from email to iPad.

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