How to transfer your contacts, message, video from PC to iPhone without iTunes?

Do you want to transfer files to iPhone without iTunes app. Then TunesGo is a best app to transfer messages, contacts or media files from Windows PC to iPhone

TunesGo is specifically designed for iOS and Android users to transfer media files such as music, playlist, movies, from one phone to another. TunesGo, which is an outstanding iTunes companion, supports music transfer between iPhone, iPad, Android, iTunes, and PC.


Main features

  • Support Songs and Videos in 30+ Different Formats – TunesGo supports music and videos in more than 3o formats helping users to transfer almost any song or video from any computer to any iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android device for enjoyment.
  • Two – Way Synchronization – Like iTunes, it also allows only one-way synchronization. It doesn’t cover the existing file if you sync the music library. TunesGo provides two-way synchronization and covers all the existing files while syncing.
  • Fix ID3 tags – ID tags are the data containers. These tags contained information about the particular track such as that Artist name etc. Using TunesGo we can fix the issue about the problem of ID3 tags. ID3 tags allow you to edit info of any track.
  • Use iPhone as USB – We can transfer photos from iPhone to PC using USB cable.
  • Root Android – You can Root your Android device it’s 100% safe and secured.
  • Backup Android SMS – You can backup your Android device SMS using TunesGo. Just select the information tab. Go to the left column and click SMS.

1.How to transfer songs from PC to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Following are the steps to transfer songs from PC to iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to the computer using USB cable and open TunesGo.

connect device tunesgo

Step 2: Select the Music tab (choose the file type you want to transfer like music, videos, photos or contacts )on the top of the column.

Step 3: Click Music tab.

Step 4: Click the Add button and choose the Add file in the drop-down list (you can create a new folder add the files inside by clicking Add folder option).TunesGo transfer music to iPhone

Step 5: Choose the files you need to directly transfer from PC to iPhone.

Find and remove duplicate music – Click Music icon at the top of the interface. Click De-Duplicate button, from the pop-up window, We find all the duplicate songs on device filtered by their names and artists. Click Delete Duplicates.

Note: Use the same method to transfer photos, videos, messages, contacts from PC to iPhone without using iTunes.

How to transfer Music from Android to iPhone

TunesGo app provides an option to transfer photos, music, video, SMS, contacts between Android to iPhone.

Step 1: Open the TunesGo program and connect phones to the computer

Use two USB cables to connect the Android phone and iPhone to PC.

connect android Tunesgo

Step 2: Export Android music to iPhone.

Select the music files you need to transfer.

The click Export to option in the top of the menu and select the iPhone name in the drop down list.

export music to iTunes

Transfer Music from Android to Android:

We can easily transfer movies and playlist very fast. Below given step by step to transfer music between Android phones.

Step 1: Launch TunesGo

Use two USB cables to connect both your Android phone to the computer.

Step 2: Move music from one android device to another one

Find your Android phone (ex: Samsung Galaxy S5) and click “Music” to preview the songs. Tick the songs as you want and click “Export > “Export to Android phone (ex: Samsung Galaxy S6)” and wait for the end of the process.

Backup and restore mobile data, including music, video, SMS and email

Step 1: Install and run TunesGo Backup Manager on the computer, connect your iPhone or Android phone to PC via USB cable.

Step 2: One-click backup iPhone or Android phone to PC.

In the top bar, select “Toolbox” tab. In the Backup & Restore section, click Backup Device to backup your device to PC.

tunesgo backup android

Step 3: Select phone contents to back up. By default, all data on your device that can backed up are ticked.

backup android contents tunesgo

Step 4: Click Backup button to complete the process. Click open Backup files and you find backed files on your computer.

Restore Android device from Wondershare TunesGo Backup

Step 1: Restore Android device from TunesGo backup. Click Restore Device to restore what you want to the device from backup files.

Step 2: Select backup files.

From the list, you can select the backup files. Click Next to start the restore process.

Step 3: Select the contents to restore.

Convert pictures to GIF

  1. Launch TunesGo.
  2. Choose the Toolbox group at the upper right corner, and select GIF maker in the main interface. Click the Add button in the main interface to add images from computer to TunesGo.
  3. Set up the file size for output, and the frame rate of the converted GIF. Click the create GIF button to start converting images to GIF.

There are a lot of apps available to do PC to iPhone file transfer. But TunesGo is one of the best iTunes alternatives to transfer and manage files between iPhone or Android devices.

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