Trackpad Gets Stuck and Won't Click – Fixed

While doing some important work on Mac, trackpad may not respond. Even after reset, restart it won’t work, at times. How irritating is it? Let’s discuss how to solve this issue.
Solution 1: Gentle tap

  • Sometimes this may happen because of the dust particles into the trackpad.
  • Shut down your system, then straighten your computer by placing the power port on the table.
  • Then tap gently on back and front sides, or even all the sides of the trackpad.
  • Now the time to rotate your computer. Rotate the system as it’s every edge should rest on the table.
  • Your trackpad may be on the correct track now.

Solution 2: Swollen Battery

  • At times your swollen old battery under the trackpad may cause this issue. Just remove it.

Note: To check the battery’s cycles

  • Launch Apple -> About Mac -> More Info -> System Report -> Power.
  • If it shows many cycles [nearly 1000] means you need to change your battery.

Solution 3: Use a lubricant

  • First, take off the hard drive and the battery. Use WD40 having straw nozzle to clean.
  • Then click lubricant on your system front & back, ups & down. This will clear away the dust around the button.
  • You can clear it with paper towel, even slid a piece of paper to dry all the sides.

Solution 4: Slid a pin
Press down the aluminum body, which is located beneath the center of the trackpad. Then slid a pin gently in between the body and trackpad in order to make the button to be upward.
Other Solutions

  • To clear the dust on your trackpad just use a thick paper all around the button.
  • Press your lips on the trackpad then blow the dust away.
  • Just take pincers, move its flat part in between metal strip at the center and left the side of the trackpad button. Then pry that space. It may help you at times.
  • Also, remove the battery and press it against the back side of the battery.

If you know any other solution to this issue, share it with us via comments.

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