Top 10 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Car Mount : Safe stand

Most of the car mounts used earlier will not be able to used with iPhone 6 because of its physical difference in length and width. iPhone users search for a car mount that gives them safety and convenience. There are many car mounts with salient features .Top 10 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus car mount that act as safe stand is discussed in this post.
1.Belkin car mount ($39.99)
belkin car mount for iPhone
Belkin car mount is stand for iPhone 6 plus. The base of the stand  is designed in such a way that it can be kept in the car’s cup holder easily and safely. It can rotate in all directions complete 360 degree. Both landscape and portrait mode positioning also possible. The base can be expanded to fit any car’s cup and also it has an opening at bottom to place cable and charge the mobile.
2. Iclever car mount ($45.99)
Iclever iPhone car mount
Iclever comes with extra large suction cup that can fit easily to dashboards or windshields. There is an adjustable tilt and swivel mechanism to rotate in all 360 degrees. Both portrait and landscape mode positioning possible.
3. iottie car mount ($29.95)
iottie car mount for iPhone
iottie car mount has a sticky gel pad to hold the iPhone with a single touch. There is a telescopic arm to support adjustment of the stand view. Normally the stand  have two inches added to have a closer view of the iPhone mounted.
4. Engive car mount ($9.98)
engive car mount for iPhone
Engive car mount has a extra secure shockproof design along with the quick release button to hold and release the iPhone. It can be rotated 360 degree and both potrait and landscape mode positioning allowed.
5. ikross car mount ($29.99)
ikross car mount for iPhone
ikross car mount can be clipped to the sun visor. It has a button to hold and release the phone. It can rotate 360 degree, multiple positioning with landscape and portrait mode. It can be used for many devices.
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6. Mediabridge car mount ($21.99)
Mediabridge car mount for iPhone
Mediabridge has base that can fit to number of devices with different size. It is weight less and can be folded. It has a slip free grip. We can lock and unlock our iPhone. The 360 degree rotation is also supported.
7. Nite ize STCK 11 R8 ($25.94)
 ikross car mount for iPhone
A simple car mount that holds at the center of iPhone 6. It allows to mount the phone with or without case. We can navigate GPS and control car using phone. The top successful car mount that provides safety for iPhone6 and iPhone 6 plus.
8. Arkon windshield or dash car mount ($19.95)
arkon windshield, car mount for iPhone
Arkon windshield or dash is a mega grip holder give complete safety. The holder is three in one model we can place it in windshield or dashboard or air vent. The car mount comes with lifetime warranty.
9. Techmatte car mount ($24.99)
techmatte car mount for iPhone
Techmatte car mount comes with strong suction cup which holds the surface. It has a strong foam in the holder which secures the screen of the iPhone 6. The stand supports 360 degree rotation. We can lock and unlock easily.
10. ISOS car mount ($24.99)
ISOS car mount for iPhone
The base has a gel suction cap which holds the surface. The stand allows easy lock and unlock to hold iPhone. The product has 18 months warranty. The 360 degree rotation allows to place the iPhone in all directions.

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