Top 10 Astronomy Apps for iPhone and iPad

If we are looking for astronomy information in our iPhone and iPad, we do have a valid number of apps to help us. This apps help us to find the names and distance of the each star and makes the users astronomy expert. iPhone developers come with cool apps to navigate the skies and explore moon and other stars. Here, we have discussed some of the well known apps for exploring and viewing pictures of the space in our iPhone or iPad.
1.Star Chart (Free)
star chart app
Star chat is an astronomy app for iPhone and iPad that can be used to navigate sky at any time of the day. We can just put our phone up to the sky and see the sky wherever we want to explore. By moving the phone we can find things like how do changes at different time period occur in the sky. The app also helps in finding information about each constellation and also the all the star names and they are names so. The distance of the stars from our current position is also seen. The app also has cons like not easy to load,hard to navigate and do not support all feature in the free version.
2. NASA (Free)
nasa iPhone app
NASA is an astronomy app for iPhone and iPad that comes from the well known astronomy community. We can see original photos and videos of the space right from the persons who took it. The information about current mission of the scientists and their twitters about space that act as a new feed are also seen in this app. The cons of this app includes it needs a WiFi connection for better loading of videos, it doesn’t have notifications, it is not able to play with airplay or chromecast.
3. Night Sky Lite (Free)
night sky app
Night sky Lite is an astronomy app for iPhone and iPad that gives us information about the stars in the sky by keeping the phone on top of us and viewing the sky. We can also see constellation using this app. We also have a paid version of this app that have information about constellations, stars, planets and mini telescope .The app moves with us wherever we move in any time of the day. The cons of the app includes it has banner ads, there is a ad for night sky pro always and many features are paid.
4. Astronomy Picture of the day (Free)
astronomy picture of the day
Astronomy Picture of the day is an astronomy app for iPhone and iPad that enables us to see wonderful pictures that are rarely seen. The app has a daily updation, which loads a new picture everyday. We have a picture on the main menu and the information about them is always seen when we tap on it. We also can view photos posted in the past through the gallery and also photos can be viewed based on date. The cons of the app includes it is hard to navigate and may drain the battery of our iPhone or sometimes it may even crash our iPhones.
5. SkyPortal (Free)
sky portal app
Sky Portal is an astronomy app that comes for free and can be used by keeping the iPhone above us and viewing the sky through the app. It has all information about the stars and constellations. We can use the compass feature to find the location direction at the place we are located. The app also has a night mode option to view the sky. The cons of this app is it is hard to navigate, sometimes the feature of location compass may not work and it may take lot of memory space in the device.
6. Star walk ($2.99)
star walk app
Star walk is a best astronomy app for iPhone and iPad. The app acts like a interactive astro app to explore night sky. The app can be used at any movement in the real time to find 200,000 celestial bodies that include stars, constellations, In the version 7.1.0 Starwalk comes with Apple and give information about upcoming astronomical events and other interesting information about sky. We can also schedule days for next meteor shower, international space station flying over our location and to have a view of astrophotography.
7. Solar Walk ($2.99)
solar walk app
Solar walk is an astronomy app for iPhone and iPad with more than 6 million users and was rated as a best app in the last three years. The app has got national parenting publications award NAPPA award and GOLD WINNER in the educational tool for parents and children. The app supports iOS 9 and compatible with iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s+ and also iOS 64 bit support is available. The languages includes fixed Japanese, Korean, Chinese languages. The app is user friendly and informative app to learn about the space.
8.Star Map 3D ($0.99)
star map 3d
Star map 3D is an astronomy app for iPhone and iPad that uses iPhone compass and gyroscope to find planets, constellations, satellites. The colorful astro images with high pixel quality are used with iPhone. The bugs in earlier version are fixed and general improvements have been made in this version. The app supports iOS 7.0 and is compatible with iPhone,iPad and iPod touch. This app is incredible and worth for money we spend on it.
9. Distant suns ($4.99)
distant sun app
Distant suns is an easy to use and understand astronomy app in iPhone and iPad. The app gives informations about thousands of objects and also explores new objects from sky. We can search for stars, constellations, planets through this app. It requires iOS 7.1 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
10. Star chart (Free)
star chart app
Well known for top educational value and augmented reality app. Millions of people have downloaded for its virtual star chart and just by seeing the sky through this app we can experience a powerful tool that may help finding the location of stars and planets from where we are i.e., on earth. It also helps to find the objects in the sky.

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I love the American Almanac! It has astronomy, weather, gardening, calendars, so much in one app. It deserves to be on your list!

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