Solved: Time Machine Backups Stuck in Trash

I couldn’t delete Trash on Time machine backups when I need to erase it for space. It was buffering all the while but didn’t delete the trash. I was exhausted on that day. So in this article, I am going to share the tricks which I had used to do so. I hope this may help you.
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Solution 1: Hold Option
Just hold down both Option button and delete the Trash.
Note: Deleting the Trash in backups is not recommended.
Solution 2: Delete with COSD keys
Launch Trash -> hold down Command +Option + Shift + Delete.
Solution 3: Where to delete

  • Launch Trash.
  • Then right-click on the file you need to delete.
  • Tap ‘Get info’ in the pop-up box.
  • Then in General -> click on ‘Where’ to see the location of the file.
  • Try to remember the Terminal you were using to delete the file. You may use the Terminal like,
  • “sudo chflags -R nouchg /Volumes/External_Disk/.Trashes/501”
  • If you keep on get the message which says locked or unable to delete it, then you must run that Terminal or the file you need to trash.
  • To run it again use rm -rf command.

Note: Also can use ‘cd rm’ route.
Solution 4: Via Disk Utility

  • Enter ‘cd’ command.
  • After which drag the drive to the Finder window.
  • If there are no items on the drive except the backups in the Trash, just delete it with Disk Utility.

Note: Back up on the same device, is not recommended.
Just use Disk Utility to delete or reformat your backup drive. This will help you to erase Time Machine Backup files from Trash folder.
Solution 5: Restart the process

  • Instead of sticking with the same problem just start your deleting process again.
  • Then just enter your Password then click Enter.

Solution 6: Drag & Drop into Terminal Window

  • Launch Terminal -> Applications -> Utilities.
  • Enter “cd ~/.Trash”, then tap on Return.
  • Next enter “sudo rm -R”, don’t tap on Return.
  • To open a window which contains the items in the Trash, just tap on Trash icon in the Dock.
  • Then choose all items from there then drag & drop it into the Terminal Window.
  • Which allows all the contents to get  “rm” [remove] path.
  • Then press Return, next type your Passcode if necessary.

Solution 7: Through Finder
Go to Finder -> Preferences -> Advanced -> in that uncheck “Empty Trash Securely” option.
Solution 8: To Try

  • Use cd Volumes/”Your drive name here”
  • Next sudo rm -rf .Trashes/
  • Then you need to enter your passcode.

Solution 9: Use Sudo command

  • Launch Terminal to show all volumes enter, “cd /Volumes”
  • To enter into Terminal volumes type, “cd <<TM volume name>>”
  • Then to display every file enter, “ls -a”
  • At Last enter “sudo rm -rf .Trashes” to delete the Trash

Solution 10: Time Machine Drive

  • First, link your Mac with Time Machine Drive.
  • Go to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.
  • In that type cd /Volumes/(backup drive name)/.Trashes/
  • To change directory to  “Mac Backups” a backup drive, type cd /Volumes/Mac\ Backups/.Trashes/
  • To check whether you are on a correct path by using, sudo ls 501/
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