Can I still Text or Call my blocked list number on iPhone?

You delete/block unwanted contacts from your phone. After blocking them you won’t receive any voicemails/message in the inbox. You need to unblock them if you need to call or text them. And you may have some doubts about the text messages of those blocked contacts where do they save and about the phone calls which go straight into the voicemails. The followings lines give you some of the solutions for this issue.
The blocked number will be in the recent history/dialed number list. You can dial the number if you dare.
Solution: Make calls or send messages to the person you have blocked
Blocked contactsYou can call or message to the person whom you blocked. You have blocked them on your iOS device so the iPhone filters those numbers automatically and deals with them. But still, you can call or text them because you have blocked them and they didn’t block you.
Note: Blocking means you can’t receive messages from them but you can send messages to them.

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