How To Test Your Microphone On iPhone?

As you all know, Apple Microphone plays an important role on iPhone as it works for an audio call, video call, Siri, Apple Apps and Non-Apple Apps. Microphone functions many features of your iPhone and it should be worked well right…? As an iPhone user, you should test your Microphone often so that it can facilitate well. I am here to help you to give the best ideas to test your Microphone. Come let’s see…

Test Microphone using Voice Memos App

voice memo app
Firstly, open the Voice Recorder App on your iPhone home screen and then tap on a Red button which is considered to be a Record icon. After tapping on it, you start speaking into the Microphone. Once you finished speaking, tap on the Play icon to hear the record which you have saved and you will be able to hear the sound clearly.

Test Microphone using Siri

siri mic
You just double click Home button to activate Siri and now the Siri shows up. Try speaking to Siri, if Siri doesn’t respond to you, then there will be a problem in your Microphone.

Test your Microphone using Camera App or FaceTime

camera app mic
Open Camera App on your iPhone and record a video clip, After recording it, play that video with full volume. If it doesn’t sound well, then there might be a problem in your Microphone.

Remove your iPhone Case Cover

remove case cover
You just make sure to remove the case, screen protector or other objects which prevents the efficiency of your microphone.

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You just try these tips to test your Microphone and make sure that it works well. I hope this article will be helpful to you. If yes, share your experience with me via comments.

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