How to Sync and Use Multiple iTunes Libraries on the Same Mac/PC

Many of the Mac/PC users have multiple playlists but they have a single library. For instance, when multiple people use the same computer and access iTunes, and syncing music will be problematic. But, it will be bored while hearing the same music so that you can create multiple libraries with multiple playlists. Here I gonna tell you how to sync and use Multiple iTunes libraries on the same Mac/PC.
How to create a library in iTunes

  1. If you are a Mac user, press and hold the “Option” while using iTunes.
  2. At the dialog window press “Create Library”.
  3. Give a valid name for the library and choose a convenient location.
  4. Save the file.
  5. After the iTunes gets opens, Choose “Preferences”.
  6. Tap the “Advanced tab”.
  7. Uncheck the Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to the library.
  8. Add, the music which you want to add to the library.
  9. Sync your Mac/Pc to this library and the songs that you just chose will be synced.

How to open a library

  1. Press and hold “Shift / Option” and open iTunes.
  2. Then tap “Choose Library”.

Multiple Devices and Multiple Libraries

  1. Using multiple libraries means you need to be careful about syncing music to multiple iDevices.
  2. Multiple playlists are better when different people use the same music collection but have the multiple libraries.
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