How to Stop Mac Ringing When you Get Phone Call on iPhone Running on MacOS Mojave

IOS users used to connect their iPhones on Mac. When someone calls on iPhone, it rings but it’s annoying to see the notification and ringing sound on Mac. This continuity is a great feature in the latest update in Mac but it is quite irritated in some instance and also it interrupts the work at that time. So, follow the simple step “to disable this feature in a minute”
1. Change the settings on iPhone

  • Launch settings ->  phone option.
  • Tap on “Calls on other devices” option.

phone settings

  • Now, Tap on “Allow calls on other devices” button to Turn Off it.

Allow call settings on iPhone
2. Change the settings on Mac

  • Launch or open the “Facetime” application.
  • Select facetime menu and choose Preferences option.

Launch Facetime on Mac

  • On the Settings option, uncheck the “Calls from iPhone” box.
  • Then, close the preferences window and quit the Facetime application.

Mac call settings
Disabling this option/settings could get rid of your phone call from iPhone to mac problem. If you have any other suggestions leave a comment below. Thank you…

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