How to Stop Auto-Joining a WiFi Network on Mac

Disable Auto-Joining a WiFi Network on Mac

Is your Mac automatically joining Wi-Fi networks whenever the network is available? So, if possible. Try to disable the auto-join a Wi-Fi network on Mac. So, once you disable auto-join for a network option, it stops your Mac from auto-joining without having to forget the network. The following steps will help you to disable the Auto-join wifi on Mac. Here you can see the steps.

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How to Disable the Automatically join this network option on Mac

To disable the automatically joining a network on Mac, follow the steps to do this.

 1. On Mac, go to Apple Menu ->System Preferences.
2. Select Network.
3. Then, Click Network Name from the left side panel and choose the WiFi network which you want to stop the auto-join network.
4. Next, uncheck the Automatically join this network option. That’s it.


Disable the automatically join this network option
If the above steps not working on your Mac, then try the upcoming solution to disable the auto-join option.

How to Disable the remember network this computer has a join option on Mac

To Disable the remember network has a join option on Mac,  follow the steps to do that.

1. On Mac, Click the Apple Menu ->System Preferences ->Networks.
2. Click Advanced at the right corner of the screen.
3. Then, go to Wi-Fi.
4. Select the network and then choose the [-] minus button to remove the network to automatically join.
5. Now, uncheck the Remember networks this computer has joined options.
Disable the remember networks this computer option
6. Finally, click Ok.

Now, I hope the above-mentioned solution will help you to disable the auto-join option on Mac.  And if you have any other solution, share us in the Comment box. Thank you.

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