Stop Auto-Joining a WiFi Network on Mac

Your Mac will automatically join to Wi-Fi networks whenever the network is available. Mac will try to auto-join the Wi-Fi network have recently connected to Mac. So, once you disable auto-join for a network option, it stops your Mac from auto-joining without having to forget the network. 
 1. On Mac, Choose the Apple Menu ->System Preferences.
2. Select Network.
3. Then, Click Network Name and choose network connection to stop the auto-join network.
4. Disable the Automatically join this network option.
Wifi stop joining 1
If the above steps didn’t work to you, then try the following steps:
1. On Mac, Click the Apple Menu ->System Preferences ->Networks.
2. Click Advance at right corner.
3. Go to Wi-Fi.
4. Select the network and then choose [-] minus button to remove network to automatically joined.
5. Disable Remember networks this computer has joined options.
Wifi stop joining 2
6. Finally, click Ok.
Now, your System will ask to connect any Wi-Fi connection at every time. If you have any other suggestions leave that in the Comment box.

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