Solved: iMovie Video Rendering Error:10004 and 10008

When I was exporting the video from iMovie, I couldn’t and it shows some error that “Video Render Frame Failed:10004”. There are many users had this issue. iMovie is one of the best video editing software for who uses Mac and iOS. It makes a good video for users. When they export the video from iMovie, it shows some errors that are “Video Rendering Error -50 “, “Video Rendering Error 10008” and “Video Rendering Error -108”. It’s really frustrating to use this app. Most of iOS and Mac users having this software for video editing. Do you have also used this app? And got an error? Don’t worry about this problem. In this article, I am going to share with you how to resolve your problem. Make sure that it will resolve your problems.error-img
Fix 1: Update the iMovie in Latest Version
Every new update has some features and it fixes the bugs. So, you have to update the iMovie to the latest version. For that, open “iTunes” -> tap “Check For Updates” and if an update available, simply you tap “Install” to update the latest version of iMovie.
Remove the Transition
Sometimes removing transition helps to resolve the bugs. After updating, you have to remove the transitions. Make sure that it will fix your problem. You can also export the video to file.
Fix 2: Remove the First Frame
If you have two files on library and you want to merge them on the timeline, then try to export the video. If it shows error when the opening of processor transition between the project A and B, just you have to delete or remove the A and B clips’ first frame. Now you have tried to export the video. It will definitely work for you.
If you are using one clip, then you can cut the first frame of the clip and export it.
Fix 3: Remove the Anomalies Clips
If your clips have any abnormality to see such as glitches, flashes or any damages, you have to remove that picture and add a new one for that. Then try to export the video. If you can export the video, no problem. If not, you can try this.
You will have to duplicate your project. In the timeline, open the duplicate project and remove half os clips. Now, you will try to share this video with anyone. If it works, the problem is another half. If it doesn’t work, the problem is you had in first half. Which one is not working, you have split it out. Then try to export the video. Then replace it with the original project. It doesn’t work, you can try this given below.
If your created project is an error, you couldn’t export the video and it shows some error. So, you have to copy the timeline and paste it into the new project. Now, try to export the video.

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