Solved: High Sierra Install is Frozen

I tried to upgrade Sierra into High Sierra, all the process have done well, but it had frozen when completing the installation. It didn’t complete the installation of  High Sierra for 6 hours. Very irritating.
At Last, my friend suggested a solution to get rid of this problem. So in this article, I am going to discuss the solutions which worked for me and the solutions worked for my friends.
Note: If you have 10.12.6 version you can’t get an upgrade.
Solution 1: To try first
Just reboot your system in Safe mode, wait some time you can witness the login box.
Hold down the Power key till the system turn off, then turn it on again. This force action will solve your problem.
Solution 2: Disable Recovery Partition

  • You need to turn off the Recovery Partition.
  • Also hold down “Command-R”, when turning on.

Solution 3: Via Bootable USB version

  • Just generate a bootable USB version of that installer.
  • Connect your Mac to any USB bootable drive.
  • Then hold down Option button till your Mac turn on.
  • On the screen just choose ‘Install macOS Sierra’ in the drive list.
  • After USB drive has booted, choose Disk Utility -> Mac’s startup from that list -> Erase.
  • Go back to utility window, after deleting Mac’s startup disk -> Install macOS.
  • Then select the recently Erased Startup to install your macOS.
  • Next just follow the onscreen instruction to finish the installation.

Solution 4:  Follow Safari Online Instructions

  • Go to Recovery mode -> just follow the Safari online instructions -> then uninstall some files in afts delete mode.
  • This will ensure the smooth installation.

Solution 5: Use Flash Drive

  • Link your Mac to USB Flash drive, then install.
  • You may download the update from App store.
  • Check that you have the full installation in App store after that choose “Download’ below the icon.
  • Then copy this to an external hard drive or Flash Drive.
  • Next, remove the drive and put it into your system.
  • Launch the installer, and follow the onscreen instructions after deactivating the internet connection.

Note: To install, you don’t need an internet connection.
Solution 6: Uninstall ‘Install macOS Sierra’ file

  • Go to Launchpad -> uninstall ‘Install macOS Sierra’ file.
  • Then reboot your system then try to redownload it.
  • Next tap on Apple Menu -> App Store -> Update in the update section.

Solution 7: Deactivate Anti-virus software

  • If you have any Anti-virus software on the system just deactivate or trash it and check your internet connection is proper or not.
  • Then turn off your system by hold down the Power key.
  • Next turn on the system and hold down the Shift key until the Apple logo appears.
  • Now your Mac booted in the Safe mode, now you can restart the install.

Solution 8: To Cancel

  • Just hold down the Option key and the ‘Pause’ or ‘Download’ button.
  • This will ‘Cancel’ your struggling installation.
  • Then you can restart the process.

If you knew any other solutions share it with us via comments.

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