Best Slim Cases for iPad Air that Keep your iPad Safe

Slim cases for iPad Air with dust and dirt proof and protection from normal falls is the requirement. There is a possibility that slim cases may compromise with protection. We search for portable, high quality, excellent designed slim cases for iPad air that is light weighted. Here we are going to discuss some slim cases and their features that satisfies user need and make us use iPad comfortably.
1.Moko iPad Air slim case ($39.99)
MoKo iPad Air Case Slim
Moko iPad Air slim case is made of PU leather. It constitutes a leather exterior and a microfiber interior which provides certain standing position angels that helps in reading and writing positions. The case comes in different color options ad considered to be the best for its budget.
2. i-BLASON iPad Air slim case ($17.99)
iBLASON iPad Air Slim Case
i-BLASON iPad Air slim case is matte finish hard shell a shock resistant featured cover that is available for iPad air. The case is considered for its affordable and its unbeatable price. The product is compatible with all iPad air that uses Apple smart cover and also available in multiple color options. It is not that much hard shell in a slim fit.
3. Photive lightweight smart iPad Air case ($49.95)
Photive Lightweight Smart Case for iPad Air
Photive lightweight smart iPad Air case is lightweight and thus can be easily carried with us. The case has a rubberized back and soft material to hold iPad safely and also have magnetic snap to hold iPad with a grip. It is also like a Apple smart case that looks cool and is a standard looking case.
4. Fintie smartshell iPad Air slim case ($25.99)
Fintie SmartShell for iPad Air
Fintie smartshell iPad air slim case is a slim, lightweight which can also be used as stand. It resembles Apple’s smart cover but it is cheaper than it since because of the materials used to manufacture. The case is available in different color options also and it works fine for its price.
5. Devicewear Ridge iPad Air case ($49.99)
Devicewear Ridge iPad Air Slim Case
Devicewear Ridge iPad Air case is a case made of vegan leather and it is a folio case which is lighter and thinner than other leather cases. It is light weighted and imprint case that works elegant by allowing complete access of the iPad features and soft interior gives safety to iPad.
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6. rooCASE origami slimshell iPad air case ($49.99)
rooCASE Origami SlimShell for iPad Air
rooCASE origami slimshell iPad Air case a slim, folio shell case for iPad Air. The remarkable feature about this case is that the cover can be holded in a different way that iPad can be holded upright from where we take “origami”. The case is also slim enough along with the other qualities.
7. Boxwave Blackout iPad Air slim case ($29.95)
Boxwave Blackout iPad Air Case
Boxwave Blackout iPad Air slim case is made of thermoplastic and fits our iPad Air with the professional look. The case comes with abrasion resistance that protects from normal bumps and objects. It Blackout is one of the most perfect iPad Air case from Boxwave. The product is matte finish that provide a good grip and shiny finish.

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