Fixed: Siri Is Not Working On HomePod

Some of the users complained that their Siri is not working on their newly bought HomePod. We all know that HomePod without Siri is impossible but how it could be if it doesn’t work. Let’s see the solutions to fix this issue.

First to do

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  1. Check whether you have plugged in your HomePod or not.
  2. Then tap on its top to check whether it works or not.
  3. Also, check for interruptions or else any obstruction in front of the speaker.
  4. Check Bluetooth or WiFi connection of your iPhone or iPad.

To know

When you are giving an instruction to HomePod via Siri you need to use the proper words. Because it is not same as using in your iPhone.

Fix 1: Turn off Internet connection

  • Just turn your WiFi or Bluetooth connections off.
  • Then, as usual, restart your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now turn on Bluetooth or WiFi connection.

Fix 2: Turn on Hey Siri

  • Press and hold down the top if the HomePod, after that just say ‘Turn on Hey Siri’
  • Or launch a Home app, do a long press on HomePod, next click on ‘Details’.
  • In that turn ‘Hey Siri’ on, if it not so previously.

Fix 3: Power cycle

  • Just unplug and replug your HomePod.
  • Next long press on the top of the HomePod till you hear 3 beep sounds.

Note: Also the white light of this will change into red.

Fix 4: Disconnect Siri on HomePod

  • First, you need to disable Siri, on your iPhone launch the Home app.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on the ‘Rooms’ tab.
  • Go to the Smart speaker, in that do a long press on the HomePod icon.
  • Next click on the ‘Details’ -> put off the switch which is next to Listen for Hey Siri’.
  • After few minutes enable that switch again.

Fix 5: Software Update

Launch the Home app -> in the top left, click on the ‘arrow’ -> click on Software Update -> Install.

If you knew any other solution let us know via your valuable comments.

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