How To Share My iCloud Storage with My Family Members

If you want to share your iCloud storage with your family members, you can share using Family Sharing Plans up to 6 members. And also you can see how much storage they used. It works if you have 200 GB per month plan. Here I am going to share you how to share your iCloud storage with your family members.

First Add Your Family Members

Step 1: Launch “Settings” and Click on your “Apple ID”.apple-img
Step 2: Click on “Family Sharing” and click on “Add  Family Member”.
Step 3: You can invite your family members through iMessage. If you want to invite your family members using their Email address, click on “Invite in Person”.
Step 4: Select the name and send the message which you want to share your iCloud storage from iMessage.
The invitation will be sent to the person. When they accept your invite, they will be added and visible in your family sharing section.

How to See iCloud Family Storage Sharing?

Step 1: Launch “Settings” -> tap on “Apple ID” -> tap on “iCloud” -> tap on “Share with Family”.icloud2-img
Step 2: At the Bottom, click on “Share Storage Plan”.
Step 3: Click on “Send Invitation” on the next page.
Step 4: At the upper, you can see the “To” and your family members will be added. Then click on “Send” button.
Step 5: Then tap on “Close”.
Step 6: Now, you can see the iCloud storage screen that shows how much storage your family member is using. Then you can stop sharing your storage with your family members. For that just click on “Stop Sharing With Family”.stop-img

How to Increase 200 GB iCloud Storage Plan?

Step 1: Launch “Settings” -> tap on your “Apple ID”.
Step 2: Click on “iCloud”.
Step 3: Now, click on “Manage Storage”.manage-img
Step 4: Then, tap on “Change Storage plan”.change-img
Step 5: You can see the Plans and choose either 200GB or 2TB. Then enter your passcode.plan-img
Step 7: Now, you can see the pop-up box that confirms your storage has been updated. Then click “OK”.

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