How to Share Google Maps Directions on iPhone

Recently there is an update on Google Maps for its app on iPhone,  that has the feature of sharing directions with your friends and family. This update feature will let you share your location with others for up to 72 hours. There is an option to choose who you share with and how long to share. You can hide other people’s location from a map.
Moreover one can share Google maps directions on iPhone. It will be useful for letting your close friends or anyone knows your location and moving direction.
Sharing location with Google map on iPhone
1.Just open Google Maps on your iPhone. Click the Menu button.
menu button2.Then, select Share location and then click Get Started.(Note – turn on Google’s Location History feature set just set iOS Location Services for the Google Maps app to “Always”)
get started3. Set the duration for location sharing by clicking + and buttons.
time duration4.The next step is choosing the app through which you want to send the location. Then, Select People to share location directly through Google Maps.
Sharing Google Map direction on iPhone
1.Open Google Maps on your iPhone
2.Click direction button that you can find on the lower right side of the display of your iPhone.
direction3.Type and enter starting point and destination
enter location4.After entering starting point and destination, find and click options button in the top-right corner on the display of your iPhone.
5.Now, from the options button click Share Directions
share direction6.The next thing is to select the app through which you want to share the directions and then, click the Send button to share your direction.
select app
Hope this article will be helpful to you and if you any suggestion regarding this let me know via comments.

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