How to setup your Apple Watch for left-handed use

How to set up your Apple Watch for left-handed use

Are you left-handed? Do you need to use your Apple Watch with your left hand? – Don’t worry. Apple watch has an option to set up for left-handed use. Any time you can change these settings for right-hand or left-hand use. So, here I'll tell you how to setup Apple Watch for left-handed use. Let's get started…

How to configure your Apple Watch for left-handers 

  1. On your Apple Watch Home screen, launch the Settings app.Apple Watch left handed settings
  2. Select the General.
  3. Next, choose Orientation.
  4. From the Wrist setting select Right
  5. Then under the Crown choose the Left. 

Note: If you change these settings, all the button's positions are reversed. That means the Apple Watch Digital crown is on the bottom and the side button is on the top.


This is a way to setup your Apple Watch for Left-handed use. If you find this article will help you then kindly share it with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. And thank you for your continued support of

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