Settings icon missing on iPhone? Here’s how to fix it

The Settings icon/ app is a part of the iOS operating system. This icon appears as a blank or corrupted image when it seems to be missing. The device can’t reset until the Setting icon appears. Here is some solution to restore the Settings icon/app.
Solution 1: Reset Home screen layout 

  • Tap Search on the bottom of the screen.
  • Search for Settings.
  • The Setting icon appears.
  • Go to Setting App -> General-> Reset ->Reset Home Screen Layout.reset home screen layout

Note: The Settings icon cannot be deleted from your device. It may be created/ moved to some other folders.
Solution 1: Restore iPhone

  1. Connect your Lighting to USB cable to iPhone with iTunes.
  2. To start the restore process, launch iTunes.
  3. If is not launched select the icon on the left hand of playlist and devices.
  4. Click on Restore iPhone to restore the device.
  5. The apps will replace once the process is completed.

Solution 2: Restart iPhone

  1. Press and hold the Sleep/ Wake & Home button simultaneously for a minute.
  2. The device starts to restart (it may take time to restart)
  3. It will restore the missing apps.
  4. Once the Settings icon is appeared after restoring, move the icon to the Home screen.

These were the solution to fix the problem. If you find any other fixes please leave a comment.

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