How to Setup a Remote Server : OS X Server

Learn how to setup a Mac Pro or Mac Mini with OS X server by connecting to it using Apple Remote Desktop or Screen Sharing
Please read this before you start setup
Remote server don’t need to have a Keyboard, display, trackpad or mouse connected.

  1. First prepare DHCP server and DNS server (if you have) for the new server. Your Internet router probably DHCP server. Your DNS server may be administrated by DNS Hosting Service or ISP (Internet service provider). To find more information, read DHCP server configuration for server & Register server’s internet host name.
  2. Ensure your new server has an active connection to the same network (internet connection) as the administrator system you are using.
  3. Turn on your server (if it off)

How to setup a remote server

  1. On Administrator system -> shared computer list of the finder sidebar, look for the remote server or in the Remote Desktop scanner list. New server may be listed with computer generated name or mac address or DNS server name.
  2. Double click the server you want to setup in Finder sidebar list and choose share screen in the finder window upper right corner.
  3. If the server you need to setup is listed in the Remote Desktop scanner list, choose it and click the Remote Desktop toolbar -> Control icon.
  4. It will prompt for authentication. Leave the username blank and enter the remote server’s hardware serial number for password 9complete serial number).  You can see the serial number of a product in case or original packing or receipt.
  5. After you get control of the remote server’s screen, run via the Setup Assistant panes.
  6. When you complete the setup assistant, launch the server app and follow the onscreen instructions to finish your server setup.
  7. Ensure “Allow remote administration using Server” checkbox in the is checked. It will allow Remote server administration using
  8. Don’t restart your server until you finish the following steps.

Adopting the server app

  1. On the server, launch the Mac App Store.
  2. sign in with your Apple ID and password. You can see the OS X Server in purchased history (this is only for verification).
  3. On your administrator system, launch the Mac App store.
  4. Sign in with the same apple ID and password used in step 2.
  5. Navigate to the Purchase tab and install OS X Server.

Connect the Remote server via Server app

  1. Launch Server app but don’t press the Continue button in the “Welcome to Server” screen. Instead from the Manage menu, select “Connect to the server”.
  2. Select your server from the list or press “Other Mac” and then press “Continue”.
  3. Fill the Administrator name and passcode for the server you chooses.  Also fill the IP address or hostname if you chooses “Other Mac” in step 2.
  4. In the hardware list, choose the Server by name. Press on the Settings tab.
  5. Important Note: Both “Enable screen sharing” and “Allow remote login” must be enabled, but both of the option will be disabled first time you restart the server. To make the settings permanent, uncheck and then recheck the box for it.

You can administrator OS X Server (Lion or Mavericks) from a system running OS X Server (mavericks).
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