How to Set Reading Goals on iPhone

Reading goals helps you to know how many minutes you spend reading a day and so far in this year. This is an amazing feature with an iOS device to set the reading goal. Here is an easy and simple guide to find & set the reading goals. Let’s get started.
Method 1: Set Reading Time Goal
1. Launch Books on your iPhone.
2. Tap on Reading now -> Notification option.
3. Now, toggle on “Reading goals” Option.
4. Then come back and scroll down the screen.
5. Now, tap on “Adjust your Reading Time” to set the time for reading.
6. Now, Start to read the book.
reading goals
Method 2: Set Siri-voice Selection
1. Launch Settings-> Accessibility.
2. Tap on Spoken content option.
3. Now, Enable the “Speak Selection” option.
4. Then, Tap on speaking rate option and adjust the voice speed selection that how preferred your content wants to read.
speak content settings
5. Now, Launch Books on your iPhone.
6. Choose a book you want to read.
7. Drag your finger to select/ highlight the text that you want to read in Siri-voice.
8. Then, Choose on speak option from the menu.
9.  Now, Siri-voice selection reads all the highlighted text.
Note: You can also pause the voice and continue listening to the voice.

readings goals siri speak
if once you reached the reading time goal, a pop-up notification with share option appears on the screen. If you have any other sugessions let me know in the comments. Thank you…

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