Set Up Face ID on iPhone X (How to Guide)

Till date fingerprint is the safest ID to safeguard our mobile from others. As time changes everything will change, like that the Face ID option on iPhone X  is the next step of protection. Even no one can’t cheat with their face because the face scanning is an unseen process in iPhone X. It works in all time whether you are using it during night or daytime.

As it is a new option to the world may have the doubt on how to setup the facial ID in iPhone X? In this article, we are going to explore this invention.

Setting up Face ID

iPhone X face id

  1. Select  Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Click ‘Face ID & Passcode’. Enter your passcode if necessary.
  3. In that choose Set up Face ID, then click Get started.
  4. There you can see, the background screen will turn into black. Also, there is a circle to scan your face. Just show your face clearly without any interruption in front of the circle.
  5. Then you will have an instruction, that you need to move your face all over that circle. So do an air drawing with your face all around the circle.
  6. If you can’t move your face means then select Accessibility options.
  7. After that, click Continue.
  8. Again you need to move your face as in step 5, then tap Done to confirm.
  9. Now you have created your first Face ID.

Disable Face ID

You can delete your Face ID if you need. Again you can reset it.

Go to Settings – select Face ID & Passcode Face ID –  click Reset Face ID

Even though this same option, you can reset your Face ID once again.

In case if you don’t need your Face ID to be the unlock id,

Go to Settings – select Face ID & Passcode – in that click Use Face ID and then turn off iPhone Unlock.

How to set Disable Require Attention option?

At times you need to use Disable Require Attention option in order to protect your vision from the technology. As  Face ID mostly relies on the eyes, the user has to look at the screen often. So you can wear spectacles to avoid UV rays. For that

Go to Settings – click General – then tap Accessibility, then turn off Require Attention Face ID option.


Make sure, when you are creating a Face ID, you should not wear any sunglasses, caps, scarf, most importantly contact lenses. Because the phone will capture those signs. If you are wearing specs always means, you can wear it while creating the id. Even your changes like shaving can be identified by the iPhone. So having a beard, and moustache or not that won’t be an issue in Face ID.

Now the floor is yours. Let me know your valuable comments on this topic.

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