How to Send Zip File from iPhone to Gmail and Google Drive

Send, download and extract the zip file on your iPhone is very much easy. Now, you can send the file in the zipping format using the WinZip from an iOS device. Winzip recently updates in iTunes to send the zip file to Gmail or Google drive. So that, WinZip file gives an easy shortcut method to compress your file into zip format. It is a very simple process to convert the normal file into the zip file. Here I gonna share you the steps to send the zip file from iPhone to Gmail and Google drive in an efficient manner.
Step 1:

  1. Open “App Store”.
  2. Search for the “iZip” app and download it for sending purpose.
  3. Then search for the “UnZip” file to open the received compressed file.

Step 2:
Under the iZip file tab, you see all the zip files, Photos, Audios, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and related cloud Apps which is already installed on your iPhone and iPad.
Note: some of the advanced features are available on pro version. To access these kinds of features means you need to upgrade the app to its latest version.
Step 3:

  1. Create a zip file which you need to send in Gmail or Google drive.
  2. Choose zip file.
  3. Tap on “Share” button that appears on the bottom bar lies between zip and Open In options.

Step 4:
Now you will get the “Action Sheet” to send the zip file from your iPhone to Gmail or Google drive.
Hope this article will be useful for you. If you have any doubt regarding this article kindly share with me through the comments.

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