How To Fix My Selfie Stick Doesn’t Work On iPhone

I am an iPhone user. Whenever I try to plug in my Selfie Stick to my iPhone, it doesn’t work for a while. I was a bit confused about this issue. Then, I have shared this selfie stick issue to my friend Amy and she gave me some tricks to fix this issue. I am here to share those tricks with you so that you may also fix it if the same issue persists.
Solution 1: Check Bluetooth Connectivity to your Selfie Stickselfie stick

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Tap on “Bluetooth”.
  3. Click ‘i’ on your Selfie stick name.
  4. Tap on “Forget This Device”.
  5. Turn Off iPhone and then Turn On.
  6. Again connect Bluetooth to your Selfie Stick.

Solution 2: Reset Network Settingsreset-network-settings

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Tap on “General”.
  3. Tap on “Reset”.
  4. Tap on “Reset Network Settings”.
  5. Again Pair iPhone with your Selfie Stick.

Sometimes, these solutions may not work for you, If you know any other solution to fix this issue kindly share with me through your comments below.

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