Fixed: How to Select Multiple or All Photos in iCloud?

I get annoyed when I was trying to choose multiple photos to download in iCloud. Because we have to select every photo individually, it took more time, & frustrating too. Even at times, we need to download all photos from iCloud to Windows PC. but there we can’t find the select button. Sometimes I didn’t even know how to delete the all photos on iCloud within a single click. Very irritating it is.
In this article, I have discussed some solutions to solve this problem. I hope this may help you.
Solution 1: Through ctrl
Hold down Ctrl while selecting to choose multiple photos.
Solution 2: Shift + ctrl
Just press Shift + Control simultaneously choose the photos, that you want to download. This may help you.
Or Select the first photo, then click and hold down “Shift” button while choosing various photos on ‘All Photos’.
Solution 3: iCloud for Windows page
photos options

  • Install the iCloud for Windows page.
  • Launch icloudsetup.exe.
  • Then accept the terms and conditions of the License Agreement for iCloud for Windows and Extension.
  • Click on the Install.
  • Select Yes to upcoming two pop up boxes.
  • Click finish. Then tap yes to Restart.
  • Then you have to enter the Apple ID.
  • Choose how to share the usage information with Apple.
  • Then select ‘options’ straight to the Photos.
  • Then click open the iCloud Photo Library box. Then press Done.
  • Tap Apply, after this go to Start button, click on the iCloud photos.
  • Next select Download photos and videos.
  • Click all or you can choose by year
  • Then tap download, then click the download again.

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Solution 4: Create separate albums
There is no search tool in the iCloud photo library, that is the reason we can’t choose multiple photos at the same time. To handle this issue you can make as many album you want when you are having the free time. It is difficult to handle all photos in a single file, if you are having separate albums means you can access it easily.
Solution 5:  Click thumbnail
In iCloud app at the Taskbar nearby clock, tap on its thumbnail then tap download. With this, you can easily select and download photos.
Solution 6: To delete
To delete multiple photos, Launch Photos -> press + button to add a new folder -> you can give a name for that folder or not -> then choose as many photos you want, wait for some time then press the delete button in your keyboard to trash the selected items.
Note: Use a free software named Cloudy from the company CopyTrans.
Solution 7: Press [+] sign

  • In Photos app, keep the photos in “Photos” mode on the right sidebar, by doing this all photos will appear in separate albums.
  • Choose a single photo in an album.
  • Then you can witness ‘+’ and ‘square’ upload sign at the upper right of the window. Just press the + sign is to create a new folder, your photos will be saved there you can easily download the required photos from there itself.

Solution 8: Via USB cable
Through USB cable you can transfer the photos and other files to your computer from your iPhone or iPad. If you are going to delete those photos means make sure those are saved on the computer. Because if you are logged on your iCloud while deleting your files get deleted permanently.
Also while synchronize you want to turn the iCloud photo library on and should have a full resolution to download the photos automatically.
Solution 9: Windows OS

  • For Windows OS, just download iCloud Photos.
  • Launch ‘My computer’ tap the iCloud photos icon.
  • You can see options for upload and download in the upper left.
  • Select ‘download photos and videos’, after that there will be a dialogue box will appear.
  • Then select needed photos or select all photos
  • Then tap on Download.
  • The photos will be stored in Pictures -> iCloud pictures -> Downloads

Solution 10: For Mac

  • For Mac launch Photos app, select Photos
  • Preferences -> iCloud -> tap on Download Originals to this Mac
  • Then close Preferences -> Photos
  • Press Command + To choose all the photos.
  • Select File -> choose either Export Unmodified Original or Select Export Items -> click Export.
  • Then choose the quality of the photos you want to download. Then click Export.
  • Search through the folder and tap Export.

Solution 11:

  • Sign in to
  • Tap photos icon, choose ‘Photos’
  • Choose the photos you want to download by date/album
  • Keep the cursor on the Album on the right side you can see “Share all items in this moment” icon, click on it.
  • Then choose the required photos from that album/date.
  • After that, there will be two sharing options either email or Facebook.
  • Tap anywhere to share, then the share screen will disappear.
  • Then you can download the items by click on “Download Selected Items”

Solution 12: To trash photos
Go to Settings -> Apple ID -> iCloud -> Storage -> Manage Storage -> Photos -> Delete.
Solution 13: For MacBook Air

  • In MacBook Air use a USB drive which has the Sierra installed on it.
  • Then hold down the Option key and choose USB drive as a startup drive.
  • After that set iCloud only for photos
  • This will sync every photo in iCloud to the Sierra installation.
  • Now go to the photos on Mac.
  • Choose the photos, select and also delete too.
  • Because of the iCloud sync with Mac, it will be empty if you delete photos in Mac.

Solution 14: Google Photos

  • To download iCloud photos in iPhone for Google Photos
  • Go to settings -> Photos & Camera -> turn on Download and Keep Originals.
  • Then download Google photos app
  • After that launch Google Photos, while setting this app just turn on the Backup & sync
  • Now you can get the iCloud photos in Google photos.

Solution 15: For Mac & PC

  • You can use the Photos App to download photos from iCloud to new blank library.
  • After that, you can export the downloaded photos from Photos app to any required folder on the drive.
  • For Windows PC, you can download iCloud for Windows, to download multiple photos at once.
  • Just download and use on Mac to select all or the multiple number of photos at the same time. After downloading this app, Launch -> select ‘Edit’ in the Menu bar -> tap on ‘Select All’ to choose all photos at the same time.
  • Even you can delete the photos, for that
  • Go to ‘Image’ in the menu bar, tap on ‘Delete’ in the pop-up box.
  • If you are using other computers means just use ‘My Photo Stream’ to download any number of photos wirelessly.

Solution 16: Safari Preferences
Go to Safari Preferences -> General -> alter the file into download location.
if you have any solutions to this problem, let us know via comments, also can share your opinions about this article too.

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