How to Fix Screenshot not Working on macOS High Sierra?

As you all know many of the users has the problem on their Mac because of some issues. Mostly, this problem may occur when your Mac is updated to its High Sierra. The most common issue that was experienced by every user is “Screenshot not working on macOS High Sierra”. Generally, this was a simple issue and get rid of this issue by following some fixes. Here, I gonna share you some solutions to solve this issue.
Solution 1: Restart your Mac

  1. Hold the Power Button and select Restart or press “Control+Eject” and then select “Restart”.
  2. Choose the Apple key and click Restart.
  3. Press (Control + Command + Eject or Power button) to restart your mac.

Solution 2: Check the Screenshot shortcuts

  1. Click the “Apple” menu.
  2. Open “System Preferences”.
  3. Open “Keyboard & Mouse”.
  4. Click on “Keyboard Shortcuts”.
  5. Here you can check the shortcuts are activated under the screenshots.

Solution 3: Try to take screenshots on Mac using Grab
You can use Grab to capture screenshots on Mac.

  1. Go to “Applications”.
  2. Tap “Utilities”.
  3. Find “Grab” and tap it.
  4. Click “Capture”.

Solution 4: Use Preview to take Screenshot
Preview is the default app on the Mac to open and edit images. Beyond that, you also take the screenshots using this.

  1. Go to “Preview”.
  2. Select “File” and choose “Take Screenshot”.
  3. You can choose any one option as per your requirement.

Solution 5: Move the Preference File

  1. Go to “Finder” and click “Go”.
  2. Click on “Go to Folder”.
  3. Enter ~/Library/Preferences/
  4. Search for the file “”.
  5. Move that file to desktop and restart Mac.
  6. Check whether this function is working or not.

Hope the above fixes are helpful for your problem. If you find this article as useful for you kindly share your opinion through comments.

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2 responses to How to Fix Screenshot not Working on macOS High Sierra?

Tried all the solutions to no avail. For solution 5, that file is not found in the location /Library/Preferences. Please help.

The weird thing is, is that if i take a selection screenshot of a spotify playlist, the image saces to the desktop. \However, if i take a selection screenshot anywhere else, an essentially blank file saves. When i say blank, i mean that no information is recorded other than the background colour. Same with if i screenshot my desktop, the whole area where the icons are will just be one big white square, but where icons arent, you can still see the desktop image. its hard to explain without showing examples.

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