Screen Time Not Working in iOS 12 on iPhone

Screen time is the best way to check your child’s phone. If it not working properly, you won’t manage your child’s device. Many iPhone users have been complaining that screen time not working in iOS 12. For that, I have found some solution to fix this problem. In this article, I am going to tell you those solutions to fix your screen time not working issue.
Solution 1: Force Restart your Phone
iPhone 6 and earlier
Press and hold the Home Button and Power Button (Sleep/Wake) until the Apple Logo Appears.
iPhone 7 & 7 Plus
Press and hold the Side Button and Volume Down Button until the Apple Logo appears.
iPhone 8, 8 Plus, & X

  1. Press the Volume Up Button and release it.
  2. Press the Volume Down Button and release it.
  3. Press and hold the Side Button until the Apple Logo appears.

Note: Don’t press “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” at the same time.
Solution 2: Disable and Enable Screen Time

  1. Launch “Settings” -> “Screen Time” -> disable “Screen Time”.
  2. Restart your device. After that enable it.

Solution 3: Reset All Settings
If screen time is crashing, try to reset all settings.

  1. Launch “Settings”->“General”->“Reset”.
  2. Tap “Reset All Settings”.
  3. Enter your Restrictions Passcode.
  4. Tap “Reset All Settings” in the pop-up box.
  5. Again tap “Reset All Settings” to confirm.

Solution 4: Check the App
Check Screen Time is installed on your child’s phone. If not, download the app and check this app is running in the background.
Solution 5: Check Location Services
Check the Locations Services are turned on for screen time on your child’s phone. If disabled, you have to prevent that by doing this.

  1. Launch “Settings” -> “General” -> “Restrictions” -> turn on “Enable Restrictions”.
  2. Tap “Locations Services” -> tap “Don’t Allow Changes”.

Solution 6: Add your Child name
If the Screen Time not showing your child name, then add the name to your “Add Family Member”. To do so,

  1. Launch “Settings” -> “Apple ID”.
  2. Tap “Family Sharing” -> “Add Family Member”.

Solution 7: Turn Off App Limit
If you can’t delete Screen Time from your device, even the Screen Time is turned off.

  1. To turn off App Limit, launch “Settings”.
  2. Tap “Screen Time” -> “App Limit” -> “Delete”.

Solution 8: Turn Off Screen Time
If your phone restarts repeatedly when the Screen Time is enabled, you have to turn off Screen Time. Follow the instruction to do this.

  1. Launch “Settings” -> “Screen Time”.
  2. Turn off  “Screen Time”.

Hope this article solves your problem. If you have any idea or doubt regarding this article, tell us through your comments.

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