How to save passwords on Safari iPhone

“How to save passwords on Safari iPhone”- by default Safari saves you email and password. So, that you don’t have to enter your email and password every time. But sometimes you have to enter your email and password whenever you enter into Safari. Here, given some solution to fix this issue.
Solution 1: Click on Always allow
Safari Passwords

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Safari.
  2. Select Passwords and Autofill option.
  3. Turn On Always Allow.
  4. Close Safari and reopen it.
  5. Now you don’t have to enter your password every time when you sign in into Safari.

Solution 2: Save Safari password on iPhone

  1. Navigate to the website where you want to open the Safari.
  2. Type the password and click on Password option.
  3.  Select Save This Password.
  4. If the login field turns Yellow that means your password has been saved.

Solution 3: Save the password using Safari browser
ios safari autofill

  1. Go to Settings ->Safari ->Autofill.
  2. Turn On Names and Passwords option.
  3. To refresh the page, choose Clear History and website Data.

Note: Clear History and web site data includes all your data from an earlier time in the Safari. This will clear all the junk files and website caches.
4. Open Safari and enter your password again.
5.Click on Save this password.
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Solution 4: Keychain Reset

  1. Open Finder -> Applications -> Utilities folder.
  2. Open “Keychain access”.
  3. Choose “passwords” from the category.
  4. To add the password click on the small square with a “+” at the bottom of the window.
  5. Now, your password gets saved. Open Safari browser and login into a website and enter username and password.

Hope, this post will help to save password on iPhone.

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