Can I Save My Pictures on the iCloud Forever?

Many of the iPhone users have a confusion on how to save photos in iCloud permanently. In Order to get more space at times, you want to save the pictures in iCloud. Let’s see how to save an immense number of the picture in your iCloud.
To know
Most importantly iCloud is not the long-lasting storage. It is applicable for iDevice users, but it is not the permanent place. So you have to backup your iOS device to iCloud, that is enough to include the images in camera roll. You also can try Photostream to transfer the photos between devices.
But after a month your photos will be deleted. As I said iCloud is not stable. Backup your iDevice in your Mac or PC or somewhere is the solution to keep your memories. If you delete your photos on your phone means you can’t get them even in your backup.
Solution 1: Save in Camera Roll

  • If you want to back up the Photostream pictures, which are not available in your Camera roll,
  • Go to Edit -> Photos -> Save to Camera Roll.
  • Then those photos will be saved in Camera Roll.
  • After that, you can import it to anywhere you want.

Solution 2: iCloud Photo Library

  • Try to save your memories in iCloud Photo Library, because it can save all the pictures and videos you stored in iCloud automatically.
  • Also, you can process this from any device you have.
  • When you are transferring files to iCloud, you should connect your device to wifi.
  • If you have iOS 11 version in your iDevice, iCloud Photo Library will update automatically.
  • In iCloud Photo Library update will happen according to your internet speed.

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 Other Solutions

  • There is a way to print your photos. Printing photos are saving you from unwanted photos loss because it is not like hardware storage.
  • In online, there are immense of ways to save your photos.
  • Just store your pictures in hardware like CD or DVD.

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