How to Fix Safari Running Slow on Mac OS X Yosemite

Lot of Mac users faced slow safari running issue after upgrading their Macbook Pro from OS X Mavericks to OSX Yosemite. Safari running slow, lagging and stopped responding for few seconds. Scrolling webpage take so much time to process. If you type text into address bar, it freeze.
So how to fix this issues?
Solution 1:-
This problem might happened because of  cache, cookies or any other safari extension issue.
In Safari menu bar, head into Safari -> Preferences.
In Privacy tab, choose Remove All Website Data option and remove cache.
Launch Finder window. In Finder menu bar,  Choose Go-> Go to Folder option.
Type or Paste the following code or path and press Go button.
Move Cache.db file to trash.
Close and relaunch safari to test the issue is gone or not.
If this method is not  you need to troubleshoot Safari extensions.
In Safari menu bar, go to Safari -> Preferences and select Extensions tab. Turn extensions off. Restart safari to test.
Do the safe thing to check other safari extensions then restart safari to test until you find incompatible extension.
If you find any other extension make trouble, uninstall it.
Solution 2:-
fix poor graphic performance yosemites
Some times this problem might happened because of poor graphics performance.
Go to System Preferences -> Mission Control and change Dashboard settings to “off”.
Solution 3:-
This solution worked for some Mac users.
Change default search engine to Bing in safari. Now check the speed. Then change it again to Google.
Solution 4:-
If you have VideoBox extension in safari, turn off that  to solve this issue.
Solution 5:-
Removing Dropbox from Mac solve some users issue.
Solution 6;-
Change your Network preference to most preferred Wi-Fi  network.
If you have any other solutions, feel free to share your opinion via comment.

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36 responses to How to Fix Safari Running Slow on Mac OS X Yosemite

Yosemite made my Macbook Pro run slow slowly that I thought I had been transported back 25 years to my old BBC computer..I could make a cup of tea waiting for a page to load. Thankyou. Your suggestions have made a great difference. However it is still not as fast on our NBN as it was pre upgrade. Apple, this release has ruined your reputation. We will never trust you again.

Solution 6 did the trick on my iMac (with both Wifi and Ethernet):
Network > select Ethernet > assistance > in my case changing the priority which one is first did it (Ethernet first instead of Wifi)… now it works perfectly!

My best fix was to install a clean copy of Google Chrome, import all my Safari bookmarks etc when Google Chrome starts up so Chrome looks like Safari and is organised the same way, then set Google Chrome as my default browser.
The difference in speed is like dial-up versus broadband, and the changeover took only 5 minutes. I had previously tried all the various suggestions but Safari just kept on reverting back to the spinning pizza of death fairly soon after. Shame, I liked Safari and used it for many years, but it's driving me crazy at the moment.

After I downloaded Yosemite, I started having a problem with the"spinning pizza of death".Based on some suggestions on the Web, I clicked on the " clear history and website data" under the Safari drop down menu. After those were cleared out, Safari's performance has greatly improved. I am a real novice, so if you do this, proceed with caution.
One suggestion on the web was to click on the "reset Safari" under the drop down menu, but that option apparently no longer exists.

the main problem is the "N-standard"
if you connect to an old "g-standard" router or use ethernet all works great.
On my university they disabled on some routers the n-standard because when over 100 Laptops are on a single AP the Macbook's not Linux or Win pc's were kicked
good job apple :-/ 😉

Thank you for your post. I'm enjoying Safari 7.1.3 again after following step one. Feels like having a monkey off my back to have the performance returned. Cheers!

none of these solutions worked, and I have held on to Safari for long enough now. menwhile Chrome is lightning fast. I've switched.

I tried all the above solutions and i couldn't fix this issue. I really need help as i'm frustrated with this problem. Please help..

did you ever get this problem solved.,, I have new iMac and it has happened twice. first time, the internet speed was super slow and the next day all was fine and then it happen again and I used ~/Library/Caches/

I've tried all the methods that I could find on the Internet…but none of them worked.
safari just keep lagging when running flash,like youtube or so
well,hope everything will turn better when os el capitan release.

I tried 1 + 2, but step 3 solved the problem!
Issue: Linkedin very slow to load on Safari 8; fine on Chrome, but I didn't want to switch between browsers.

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