How to fix Password Autofill Keychain is not Working in iOS

Lot of iPhone and iPad users reported this issue. Safari browser saved username and password for website login. But when users open a website the username and password don’t autofill.
Fix 1:  Enable Autofill
You safari browser Passwords & Autofill settings might turned off because of the recent update.
On your Safari browser, navigate to Settings -> Safari -> Passwords & Autofill -> Names & Passwords and set it to ‘On’.
Fix 2: Turn off Safari private browsing mode
Turn off private browsing, if its already on on your Safari browser. Autofill password does not work in Private browsing mode.
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3/30/18. I just downloaded IOS 11.3 to my iPad, and autofill does not work any more. I don’t know what other features aren’t working until I get this solved.

I am running iOS 11.3 on iPad and auto fill has stopped working.
Not sure how to correct.
I know about private browning and do not know how to turn off. However I am not in the private browsing mode.
Appreciate any fix or maybe an update by Apple is needed.

Yep, one iPad at 11.3 the other at 10.xx iPad v11 Keychain will add new sites and passwords, but will not autofill when returning to sites. v10 does both add new and autofill. The update 11.3.1 did not address the issue. Still broke.

It's still there, just works different. When you are at the web site, put the curser icon in “user ID “ the keyboard will pop up, and if you look just above the keyboard letters (where suggestions usually are) you will see the user ID for that web site click on that and it will autofill in the user ID along with the password for that site. New IOS Keychain format in v11.x.

But what about those of us who still would like the old method where the password was already there? It takes a fair bit longer to log into websites when you have to tap five extra buttons to get it to log in.

I agree. I prefer the older keychain format. I miss just pulling up the website and the login info already be auto filled. I don't like having to select into the login fields, select my login info, and then have it populate. If there's a way to get back to previous function, please let us know. Thanks!

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