How to Add Safari Extensions in iOS 8

Now you can add extension in Safari on your iPhone and iPad with iOS 8. This iOS 8 extension feature allows third party apps to access & share data with other iOS apps.

So how to add and use Action Extensions to Safari in iOS 8

Step 1: Open Safari app and tap the share button.

iOS 8 Safari share

Step 2: Share button provide lot of options. Tap “More” icon available in bottom right corner.

Safari more option

Step 3: “More” option brings up the menu called “Activities”. If you have any app that can be added to Safari, it will be available in Activities list with toggle next to it.

Step 4: Toggle it on. Then choose the Done option in the top right corner.

Step 5: Now when you choose the share button in Safari, your extension will appear in the bottom section, next to “More” option.

Safari extensions

Step 6: If you want to use  the extension, just tap on it.

That’s all.

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2 responses to How to Add Safari Extensions in iOS 8

It doesn't bring up any Activities list, only the following:

Add Bookmark
Add to Reading List
Add to Home Screen
Add to Shared Links

How do I get that Activities list? Please respond by emailing me directly.

PS I know I have apps that can be added to Safari because they're in the picture on the list I found on the help page when I was trying to add a bookmarklet for one of them.

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