8 Best Ring Holders For iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

One of the newsreaders wants to buy a ring holder in a market. Here I suggest some of the best ring holders.
1.ECVILLA ($10.99)
This ring holder looks very luxurious.

  1. Reusable self-adhesive – Use clean water and remove dust easily.
  2. Rotate the ring stand about 360 degrees.
  3. You can hold this ring holder in one hand so that can avoid from breaking down.

2.XbounRing holder ($13.99)
This ring holder contains most unique designs. Xboun is made from premium aluminum. It contains concealed metal ring holder with a case which looks very stylish and attractive. This case contains the following

  1. Anti-fingerprint.
  2. Shockproof.
  3. Kickstand.

Xboun at 360

  1. Xboun helps to hold the phone securely.
  2. Fully access headphone jack, camera, speaker, microphone etc.
  3. Dual layer protection.

3. Rock Ring holder ($12.99)
Rock ring holder
This ring holder is 2mm higher than the screen and 0.2 mm higher than the camera so you product the screen from scratch.

  1. Keep your iPhone 7 on the magnetic products easily.

4.WizGear ($19.99)
WizGear helps to protect your device from accidental slips and falls if you climb up on any flat surface.

  1. Innovatively designed.
  2. High-quality materials are used while manufacturing this ring holder.
  3. High usability.

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5.Hapurs ($4.39)
Compare to other ring holders Hapurs contains metal finger drip stand. You can place this ring holder on the wall with the use of the hanging clip.

  1. Different colors available that make your phone look more luxurious.
  2. You can fit this ring holder on any flat surface and stick firmly on the car.
  3. Safe and convenient rotation at 360 degrees.

6.Qable Powerz(TM) ($7.99)

Qable Powerz(TM)+

Qable Powerz contains the metal ring at the back side that functions as a back stand/kickstand so you can conveniently place your phone on any flat surface while watching the videos or movies.

7.WEIERJIA ($10.99)


It contains ultra-thin back cover is only 0.9mm and helps to fit your phone perfectly. The ring is made of aluminum alloy it is a safer grip for the users while using the phone.


  1. Didn’t block a signal.
  2. Easily rotate the ring at 360 degrees.

8.Solover Ring Stand Grip for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus ($16.38)

Solover Ring Stand

This ring holder permits the users to capture images.


  1. No more dropped phones.
  2. Allow one-handed operation.
  3. Slim and comfortable slip.
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