How to restore contacts from iCloud to iPhone

I deleted my contacts in my Mac Address Book instead of deleting some other files. But my iPhone synced with iCloud. My contacts vanished from my iCloud account too. I have done an iCloud backup to both my apps and settings. But ‘settings’ replies to use iCloud for contacts. Even after the restore, I can’t get my contacts back.
iCloud itself need a backup. Go through below solutions to restore contacts.
Solution 1: If you have a prior backup
recover iphone contact icloud

  1. Go to Settings/iCloud in phone logged it with Apple ID.
  2. Turn on the contacts.
  3. Turn the contacts off.
  4. Select Keep, though there are no contacts.
  5. After process has done -> go to -> turn on contacts back -> select merge.
  6. If you have a prior backup then can see the whole contacts.

Note: After Restore  can see a blank list
Solution 2: Retrieve most 3 backups

  1. To reset your mobile go to Settings -> General menu.
  2. Your phone will get a reboot as a new one.
  3. While doing so, go via Setup Assistant.
  4. Select ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’.
  5. Type your iCloud account and password.
  6. There appear three most current backups to every device, that helps to backup.
  7. Select a backup which you want.
  8. Then restore that backup.

Solution 3: Via Contacts App
Turn iCloud contacts on

  1. Launch ‘Contacts App’ in Mac
  2. Select Time Machine and Go to previous time
  3. Choose the deleted contacts
  4. Select ‘Send by Messages’
  5. Get out from the Time Machine
  6. Drag the contacts to Desktop from the Messages Dialogue box
  7. Move them back to the contacts

Note: Make a safety copy by an export from the Contacts to my Dropbox account.
Solution 4: Through Time Machine
ContactLost TimeMachine

  1. Go to Time Machine -> ‘All Contacts’ in the sidebar
  2. In Contact field select one of the contacts
  3. To select all contacts tap COMMAND+A on the keyboard
  4. Select ‘restore’
  5. From the upcoming option select ‘Keep the old’ -> ‘do this for all’
  6. The deleted contacts will be shown blue color

Solution 5: Sync with iCloud
If the contacts synced with iCloud means,

  1. Open Settings -> iCloud -> turn Contacts on
  2. In Mac log in
  3. Go to Settings app -> Advanced section -> can witness an option in the lower left to ‘Restore contacts’.
  4. Via that select an Archive date -> Restore the contacts on all of your devices in that the Contact sync turned on.
  5. Before restoring it becomes new archive of the contacts.

Solution 6: In iCloud menu

  1. Sign into your iCloud account by using your Apple ID and password.
  2. In prominent iCloud menu tap ‘Settings’.
  3. Select the content that we want to restore -> tap ‘Restore contacts’.
  4. Choose the collection of contacts to restore.
  5. To get the lost contacts back tap Restore.

Solution 7: Restore your contacts using iTunes backup
To check you have iTunes backup on your iPhone or not

  1. In your, iTunes go to Edit -> Preferences -> Devices in iTunes.
  2. If you have a backup just restore it with iTunes backup
  3. To get the contacts or restore use an iPhone backup extractor to get the contacts from the backup

Solution 8: Too simple

  1. Go to settings/iCloud
  2. Turn off contacts
  3. Settings/iTunes -> logout from iCloud account
  4. settings/iTunes -> login  to iCloud/apple id account
  5. settings/iCloud -> turn the contacts on

Solution 9: By using Apple Genius Bar tech

  1. In Apple Genius Bar tech open Settings -> General, -> in the bottom tap Restore.
  2. Restore the default settings.
  3. Then restart.
  4. You can witness the contacts will be seen.

Note:  By reset, the settings will open any settings you have customized.
Solution 10: iOS Setup Assistant
You can naturally and wireless back up your iOS with a computer via iCloud

  1. To reset your iPhone first -> go to -> factory settings -> select ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’ in ‘iOS Setup Assistant’.

Note: It may delete all the newly added data on your iPhone
Solution 11: Copy my data

  1. In App Store download an app ‘Copy My Data’.
  2. Connect your iPhone with iCloud in the same wifi network.iCloud in the same wifi network.

Note: It only will work out if you have saved your contacts in your laptop/iPad/ other iPhone/ other Phone.
Solution 12: Common Apple ID

  1. Move to ASAP
  2. Use the common Apple ID of your iPhone to type it in Apple ID credentials
  3. Choose Contacts -> All Contacts or CMD+A -> tap ‘Options’ on the below left corner
  4. Choose Export contacts vcf, to download the folder automatically
  5. Naturally, Contacts app will open -> asks would you like to import the contacts on your Mac -> choose NO
  6. In ‘download folder’ place the ‘Export contacts.vcf’ -> choose it -> share it via Email
  7. Except for images all contacts will be saved automatically
  8. Transfer an email to yourself -> launch the email ->  launch the attachment, contacts will be there
  9. Choose Add all contacts -> choose as New contacts

Note: It’s only worked on iPhone
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Other solutions:

  1. You have to backup your iPhone to your computer with information regarding that. But not via iCloud
  2. If your iPhone on Airplane mode means contacts will be on your phone.
  3. You need to have an iPhone data recovery software tool, that is helping to recover the lost or junked contacts, text, images.
  4. If iPhone sync with iTunes, you can get back the contacts if you have that when the last sync. Select Summary Tab -> tap ‘Restore’
  5. Get the contacts by using an iPhone data recovery software
  6. Just copy old mobile’s SIM card
  7. Sync your phone along with other Cloud accounts, like Google Contacts
  8. Go to iCloud.Com  via settings and on the bottom left side under Advanced  select restore contacts
  9. If there is no backup prior to the lost contacts, you need to restore your phone entirely
  10. Sign out on iCloud on iPhone 6 . Go into Settings -> iCloud -> log back into iTunes account on your computer -> select ‘Restored from last backup’ -> Restore all you need
  11. Before doing anything keep an eye on your Mac than before syncing with iCloud junk the old contacts.
  12. To restore after log out of your iCloud. Then deleting and log it as update iCloud.
  13. Log out iCloud account, then restore your old computer backup, just find that you can select backup from your phone, not from the restoring of your iCloud.
  14. Go to Add contacts > uncheck and recheck the tick to the iCloud contacts -> help you to restore
  15. While connecting your computer with the phone turn on the contacts. Then unplug your phone. It can retrieve the contacts back
  16. By using some software you can restore your contacts in .sqlitedb file
  17. Settings -> iCloud -> Contacts -> off -> select ‘Delete from my iPhone’ -> turn on contacts -> select ‘merge’
  18. You can use a tool iPhone backup for Mac to retrieve videos, images, audio, documents, contacts, so on.
  19. If you sync computer which syncs the contacts along with the iCloud account mean then turn that on without internet.

Hope, this post will help to restore contacts from iCloud to iPhone.

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