How to replace the broken/ cracked screen on MacBook?

This article gives you some ideas to replace your MacBook which is broken or cracked. And provides suggestion to replace the broken display.
broken macbook pro


  1. Cracked screen replacement at times won’t comes under warranty.
  2. There is no free service available even though your Mackbook is under warranty.

Two types of warranty

  • AppleCare
  • AppleCare Protection Plan

Both the warranty does not claim any accidental damage. AppleCare lasts for a year and AppleCare Protection Plan lasts up to 3 years.
Note: If your using Macbook for more than 2 years replace buy a new MacBook. The service charges cost more than the actual cost of your MacBook.
Solution: Repair it with SimplyFixIt

  1.  Repair your MacBook with SimplyFixIt (Certified by Apple Mac Technicians).
  2. It replaces your Mac with cheaper price.
  3. Visit SimplyFixIt repair center.

Apple won’t replace your broken screen or they will bill you a hefty amount. This article provides you some suggestions to resolve the broken screen issue. We have linked a video to show how to replace the broken display in the home. Thanks for reading this article.

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