To Remove “” Malware in Chrome and safari in Mac

Malware is a software it cause the computer in the form of script or executable code. This is used to make the damages in computer, server and computer network. The Malware is spread by using software, links, trust sources etc. It act against the computer user. Here the solutions are available to remove “ Malware” in Chrome and Safari in mac.   

In Chrome:

  1. Now go to the Spotlight Search.
  2. Then Search Terminal that shows the result
  3. Click the Terminal.
  4. Now one window is appear.
  5. Then command in the we know window is need to Copy from the window.

  1. Then Paste the command to the terminal open window.
  2. After pasting all command lines  Press enter.
  3. Now Restart the system.
  4. And then open the chrome page and Click The Three Dots option on the top of the page.
  5. Select the Setting option -> Select restore setting to their original default -> Reset settings.

In Safari:

  1. In the Safari Menu choose the Preference option.
  2. Go to General there is no safari homepage available,
  3. Now go to the System Profile and then select the option set safari homepage option.
  4. Give Remove Option.
  5. Then now again go to the Safari -> Preference -> General ->Homepage.


  1. Now edit the homepage in

The above steps are used to remove the we know Malware in the chrome and safari in Mac.It is possible to remove this problem in computer and other devices.But it take some steps to remove it from the computer.

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